STAY WITH US. The Lake County YMCA needs you to maintain your membership!

All of us are absorbing the impact of the COVID-19 Coronavirus on our lives and figuring out how to adjust to this sudden and dramatically changing situation. Here at the Y, we are working very hard during this crisis to simply ensure that we can keep a skeleton workforce in place, continue to serve our communities’ most fragile people and families, and pay some rather significant fixed costs until we can all get back to our normal lives.

Allow me to be blunt: The Y needs your support and your membership now even more than ever. Without it, our future is deeply uncertain.

Here is the reality of our current situation:

  • The Y is funded primarily through membership and program fees. As those disappear, so will the Y.
  • We are a completely independent, locally run non-profit organization.The temporary closure of our 4 Ys and our 12 school-based after school and community school programs means that we can no longer financially support almost 600 employees. These are the friendly folks you’ve come to know and love that teach your Y fitness class, welcome you when you visit the Y, care for your kids, and develop our future leaders through our camps and teen programs.
  • Our leadership team is working around the clock to regroup and preserve the guts of our operation for the long term, much less the next few weeks. Our intent is to bring back as many of our team members as possible, as soon as possible, but that all depends on how long this goes on and whether we have any resources left.
  • We are working closely with local and state agencies to deploy our staff to support their efforts to protect our communities' most vulnerable children, families and seniors.
  • We are ramping up to temporarily repurpose our Y branches to provide care for the children of first responders, healthcare personnel, and other essential workers.

I am deeply proud of our team and of the resilience they have shown through this unprecedented crisis. Now I am asking for your help too. The single biggest way for us to maintain stability is for you to maintain your Y membership through this crisis. Your membership fees would count as a charitable contribution for the period of time that we’re closed.

Please be here for the Y now as the Y is here for you and for our community always. I say this fully aware of the fact that this situation has also impacted your family and very likely your work life as well.

We will soon be sharing on-line resources for staying healthy and active at home, including virtual group exercise classes and resources for kids and families. Please look for those on your local Y’s Facebook page and look for updates on our website.

If you would like to make an additional donation, or to donate to a specific branch, please click the button below.