When are the outdoor pools opening? What hours are we open? Why are hours shorter?

The Outdoor Y is opened. Houston-Fisher pool is opening on Friday, July 10, 2020 at noon. In order to provide a safe environment for all, we are offering limited hours with time to disinfect the facility in- between visits. As the season progresses, if we have the ability, we will add additional hours to our open time. The Houston Fisher Pool will remain closed until further notice.

What do I need to know before I arrive?

Reservations are required for a scheduled time. These may be made 48 hours in advance. More information on how to make reservations will be released shortly. The Outdoor Y is limiting access to Lake County YMCA members only. Reservations are limited to a 90-minute period of time and you may only reserve one 90-minute time slot per day. These time periods help us accommodate as many members as possible. Members are asked to honor the end time of their reservation and clear the pool deck in a timely manner so we may prepare for the next reservation time. Showers and lockers rooms will be closed. Restroom access will be available. Playgrounds will be closed at this time. 

If showers and locker rooms are closed where am I supposed to change?

Please come in your suit, ready to swim. Once you’re finished swimming, you will be able to dry off on the deck and put your street clothes on there.

What measures is the Y taking to minimize the risk of exposure to members in any facility?

All staff, members, and vendors should review our five health screening questions prior to entering the facility. If you answer yes to any of these questions, you should not come to the Y that day. All staff will have their temperatures taken upon entry and we ask our members to do the same before they leave home. If you have a fever of 100.4 or higher, please stay home. All high-touch surfaces, doors, and railings will be cleaned throughout the day, as well as before opening and after closing. Members will be asked to social distance both on the pool deck and in the water. Seating will be available on the pool deck at picnic tables that are spaced at least 6 ft apart. Chairs will be available to rent for $5.00 per chair. Social distance monitors will be on deck to ensure guests are distancing appropriately. One way traffic patterns will be implemented where feasible. We are implementing separate entrance and exit doors and gates for the pool deck. 

Will there be a cap on allowed capacity? How will you monitor capacity limits?

We are limiting the number of individuals allowed into the facility to the number of individuals we can accommodate in the pool while meeting social distancing guidelines. Our reservations software will monitor capacity in the facility.

What amenities will be available?

A limited number of life jackets and chairs will be available to rent for $5. We strongly recommend you bring your own lifejacket. Concessions will be available on a limited basis.

Why do I have to pay for a chair/life jacket rental?

Additional steps must be taken to sanitize these items between each use. This fee helps us defray the cost of the additional staff needed.

What if I just show up, will I be allowed to go in?

If there is an opening we will be more than happy to welcome you, provided that you are a Lake County YMCA Member. If there is not an opening at that moment, we will do our best to find a reservation for you that day.

Is there an age restriction?

Youth 14-years old and younger must be accompanied by an adult. 

Can I bring a guest to use the outdoor pools? Can my child bring a friend that is a member?

All guests must be members of the Lake County YMCA.

Can I bring pool toys or flotation devices?

Only Coast Guard approved flotation devices are allowed into the pool.

What is the weather policy?

Any time thunder is heard or lightning is seen, the pool is cleared and cannot be entered again for any less than 30 minutes. Each time either thunder or lightning is heard, 15 minutes is added on to the pool reopening time.

Will I be able to rent the outdoor pool for special events?

This option is not available at this time.

If the Y finds out a member or staff contracted the virus, will people be alerted if they were in the facility?

We will connect with the Lake County General Health District and follow the guidance that they provide, as well as assist with any contact tracing.

Will there be a water fountain?

Please bring your own water bottle as water fountains will be closed. Water can be purchased at the concessions stand.