April 17, 2021


Child Abuse Prevention Safety Measures

The development of children is the core on which the Y’s values were built and the reason why the safety of all children in our care is our number one priority.

At the Lake County Y, members, staff, and volunteers are required to adhere to various policies and procedures relating to child abuse prevention to ensure the safety of all children who come through our doors, regardless if they are members, program participants or only visit once a year.

During Child Abuse Prevention Month, the Y wants to make sure that everyone understands the steps we take to help prevent child abuse.  A key tool in abuse prevention is knowledge, so it is important that everyone, especially parents, families, and caregivers are informed of our policies/procedures. Together we can work to keep our children safe and ensure all the children we serve in our community reach their full potential.

Lake County Y Child Abuse Prevention Safety Measures:

  • Regular National Sex Offender Registry checks regularly on all staff regardless of
    continuous employment;
  • National, State, and County Criminal Record Checks (felony and
    misdemeanor), Inmate and Criminal Record checks on all staff and program volunteers;
  • FBI and BCII Criminal Record Checks on all licensed child care and camp staff
    and volunteers;
  • Social Security verification and 7-year address history checks upon hire;
  • Interviews prior to hiring;
  • Conduct at least two reference checks for all applicants;
  • Requires all staff and program volunteers to complete training on preventing,
    recognizing and responding to abuse;
  • Prohibits staff and program volunteers from being alone with a child where they cannot be observed by others;
  • Restricts staff and program volunteers contact with children outside of YMCA programs;
  • Reports any allegations or suspicions of abuse to the proper authorities in accordance with Ohio law;
  • Completes a comprehensive child abuse prevention self-assessment through Praesidium every two years;
  • Conducts regular screenings of all members against the National Sex Offender Registry and terminates all memberships that return positive.