March 3, 2020

Up until the time I retired (at the age of 58) I was a very active individual. I spent a lot of time teaching kids how to skate, swim, and play basketball. I even taught urban ballroom dancing at the old senior center. After my retirement, when weather permitted, I used to ride my bike between 20 and 40 miles per day. I still teach urban ballroom dancing, but only in the Cleveland area. I mentioned to Ed James that my significant other wanted me to teach her how to swim and he invited us to come by and see the facility. Since she already had a membership at another Y, I spent a day working with her in the pool. I fell in love with the place.

I decided to get a membership in June 2018. I received a tour of the entire facility and was told I would get a wellness coach who would help me get started. I was lucky enough to get Deanna Dicola. She was great. She walked me through all the machines in the cardio room, and we put together a training schedule. If I ever have any questions, the staff is most helpful. I still consider myself a bit of a handy man which is why Maggie and I have become good friends. I’m always willing to help her with any minor repairs that some of the equipment might need. I end my workouts with a dip in the whirlpool. Since joining I’ve lost 12 pounds, and feel that I am in the best shape of my life. Joining the Y was the best decision I could have made to maintain my overall health.