Partner with the Lake County YMCA

An aging workforce and rising medical costs are just two of the reasons that today’s employers increasingly look to corporate wellness programs as part of their employee benefits plan. Simply put, employees want to feel better and become healthier, as long days on the job or in the office take a toll on their energy and well-being. Nearly 80% of adults in America do not meet the exercise levels required to maintain proper health, and that fact translates to a workforce that requires greater medical care.

The workplace is an ideal location to jump-start wellness and health activities that employees can take home and incorporate into a more physically-fit lifestyle. What’s more, companies who have undertaken wellness programs report that employees who participate miss less work, are less stressed and have a greater sense of well-being than those who don’t participate. A study by the Wellness Council of America found that for every dollar invested into wellness, a median savings of $24 in missed worked and healthcare costs is achieved. Through a corporate wellness program at the Lake County Y, your employees can get fit and feel great, while helping your company improve its fiscal fitness.

Unlike traditional fitness centers, the Lake County Y is a comprehensive, non-profit organization with an established history of community service at all levels of wellness activities. We are actively involved in supporting Lake County residents through our partnerships and collaboration with other caring associations. In every effort that we undertake, the Y is dedicated to putting Christian principles to life with programs that build healthy spirit, mind and bodies for all.

For nearly 150 years, the Lake County Y’s four facilities have provided for the needs of the entire community - with programs for children, families and adults at every stage of their lives.
•  We contribute nearly one million dollars a year back to the community by helping those in need through sponsorships and reduced membership fees
•   Last year, we delivered services to more than 47,000 children, families and adults.

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