APRIL 2021

Our mission is to put Christian principles into practice through programs and services that build a healthy spirit, mind, and body for all.  The impact is felt when individuals make a healthy choice, when mentors inspire a child, and when a community comes together for the common good.


If you’ve been to camp as a child, you wouldn’t be surprised to hear of all of the benefits that can come out of this childhood experience, but for those of you that did not get to experience camp as a child, you may not realize how much impact camp can have. Check out our list of five reasons why camp is great for youth!

Physical Activity - Kids get to spend their day being physically active. So much time for many kids lately has been spent behind a screen.  Camp allows kids to get out, move, try new things and be active!

Gain Confidence – Camp teaches kids that they can!!  There are so many different opportunities to try new things and make accomplishments every single day which promotes greater self-esteem and self-confidence in kids.

Develop Lifelong Skills – Not only do campers get a chance to experience things such as sports, crafts, swimming, etc, but they gain life-long skills at camp such as team building, problem solving, decision making, empathy and responsibility.

Learn Social Skills – Camp is its own community. Within this community, our campers must learn to communicate effectively, respect others, cooperate, resolve disagreements, and care for one another.

Make Lifelong Friendships – Ask adults you know that attended camp as a child if they are still connected with camp friends.  The chances are, those friends are still some of their closest friends in life! Camp is a judgement free zone, a place where all kids from all walks of life come together to laugh, sing, talk, play and become a community. It’s a bond that forms that is hard to come by!


I came across the YMCA during our family’s time of need, the Covid-19 shutdown. With that first desperate call for pandemic care I knew I struck gold in the Lake County Y and had no doubt we needed to continue care with summer camp. 

The Y’s camp has given Caitlin a positive sense of group belonging. She can feel secure to participate in activities and is recognized by the staff for a job well done. This is so important in childhood development. Caitlin’s favorite part of camp is swimming but she also gets a kick out of dressing up for the weekly themes. 

A benefit for my husband and I is knowing my daughter’s safety is the Y’s top priority. A staff member's smiling face would be present at drop-off where Caitlin would have her temperature taken and then was instructed to wash her hands before joining her group. Oh yes, curbside drop-off and pick up, can you say time saver!

We also loved the positive, upbeat demeanor of each camp counselor we interacted with. I do need to mention a quote I read from the brochure, rainy day fun: “many activities include getting wet, dirty and very messy” It’s true and I can’t imagine a childhood without it! Thank you YMCA for everything you do for our family. I’ll see you next season – Summer Camp 2021!  -Yvonne, Caitlin’s Mom


Mobile Food Pantry:  The Central Y is serving as a pick-up location for the Lake-Tran Mobile Food Pantry where seniors 60+ can pick up FREE fresh produce once a month. 
Red Cross Blood Drive:  The Central Y hosted a blood drive with the American Red Cross on February 24th.
Pet Food Drive: A HUGE THANK YOU to all who supported our Pet Food Drive at the West End Y. With your support, we will be helping to fill LOTS of empty bowls! We were able to collect over 900lbs of pet food.
RESET Challenge: For six weeks in February and March, 920 people participated in our RESET Challenge, which was FREE to ALL.  Those who signed up got access to our Virtual Y, guest passes to our branches if they weren’t members, and support through our Facebook community and text messages. 


January 2021