Miss that live interaction with your favorite instructor and workout buddies? Fitness instructors from all branches will host classes live via Zoom.



1. Please make sure to have access to zoom.  You can register for an account at

2. Click on the link to the class you are interested in in the schedule above 

3. Register through the link in the description of the class

4.  Repeat this process for every class you are interested in

Once you register for the class you are interested in, you will immediately be given the web link to use the day of your desired class.  You will also receive an email confirming your registration and the link will be provided in that email as well.  You will get this immediately.  It is strongly recommended you add this to your digital calendar and set yourself a reminder for your class. 



    Levels for the classes are noted as A, B or C

    A  Anyone can take this class

    B  Be careful.  It might be challenging, but we will show modifications.

    C  Challenging exercises

    • BASIC CHAIR YOGA gently relieves stress, providing you with an overall feeling of well-being. Use the chair as a prop while practicing yoga postures and breathing techniques. A
    • CARDIO & STRENGTH is a combination of different kinds of exercises using mostly body weight, dumbbells and sliders. Other options if you don't own sliders or dumbbells are paper plates, and canned goods. C
    • CHAIR YOGA is more advanced than the basic chair class.  Just because you use a chair doesn’t mean this class isn’t challenging.  It will help gently relieve stress and achieve an overall feeling of well-being while using the chair as a prop to help assist with traditional yoga postures. B
    • DANCE AEROBICS is a little Latin, a little ballroom, and a little high and low impact aerobics.  All of it fun movements to music and something anyone can do with modifications shown. A
    • HIIT is high intensity interval training.  Short bouts of intense exercise are followed by rest, and will ensure a high calorie burn.  It’s an efficient way to exercise in a shorter amount of time.  It can be body weight, strength or cardio, or a combination of those. B
    • KETTLEBELL incorporates advanced principles of strength and conditioning. Swinging and lifting the kettlebell improves your heart and lungs, power and strength as well as flexibility and balance. If you don’t have kettlebells, a weighted sturdy tote bag is a good substitute. C
    • PILATES helps develop core strength and stabilization to gain control of movement and develop a toned body. Proper form and technique are emphasized. B
    • PiYo is the combination of muscle sculpting and core firming Pilates exercises with the strength and flexibility that come from Yoga. B
    • SILVERSNEAKERS® CIRCUIT features upper-body strength exercises using hand-held weights, elastic bands and other fun accessories with non-impact aerobic activity.  A chair is useful for support and easy head-to-toe stretching. A
    • SILVERSNEAKERS CLASSIC® offers something for everyone, regardless of fitness level, and can help improve overall strength and flexibility helping you stay healthy and independent. As in other SilverSneakers® classes, the instructor guides you through the exercises at your own pace. Have a chair handy. A
    • SILVERSNEAKERS® BALANCE & STABILITY is designed to help you become stronger and improve balance.  It will help to prevent falls by focusing on strength around the ankle, knee and hip joints while improving reaction time.  Have a chair handy. A
    • STRENGTH is lifting weights as well as your body without going into the weight room. Learn the proper techniques needed for a safe and effective workout.  You’ll need dumb bells, cans or something you can lift that is heavy. B
    • STRONG30® combines body weight, muscle conditioning, cardio and plyometric moves synced to original music that has been specifically designed to match every single move. This is a 30-minute, challenging, fun workout. You will need a mat. C
    • TABATA is typically 20 seconds of intense work followed by 10 seconds of recovery for 4 or 8 cycles with a minute between each cycle.  This efficient workout is considered high intensity, but is easily modified for your level. A
    • TAI CHI will help you learn to relax while moving through slow and deliberate exercises that will improve balance and core strength.  A
    • TURBO KICK ® is a mix of kickboxing and simple dance grooves to get your heart pumping that will have you looking forward to your next workout.
    • WALK & TALK is not a typical group exercise, but you will be walking while our certified coach will engage you in conversation around total wellness in regards to nutrition as well as exercise. Think of it as an interactive podcast. You will need a mobile device.  A
    • YOGA is one of the oldest forms of exercise.  Yoga challenges your strength, flexibility and balance by moving through and holding postures, using your breath and focus.  A
    • ZUMBA is a sweaty workout using dance moves with Latin-inspired rhythms that will improve your cardiovascular fitness. A