Job Code: OY

Outdoor Y Soccer Coach

Category: Volunteering
Location: Outdoor Y

Job Type: Seasonal
Staff Contact: Abby March


Inspire, encourage and teach youth athletes sportsmanship and the fundamental skills that will help them serve as leaders in our community and contribute to the overall success of the Lake County YMCA


  1. Coach and organize practices and games
  2. Ability to teach, apply, advocate and model appropriate behavior, character traits and educational values
  3. Ability to organize and supervise youth athletes
  4. Attend all games, practices, pre/post season meetings and banquets/special events
  5. Ensures the proper cleaning, storage and maintenance of equipment
  6. Effectively communicates with parents and program director via phone, text and/or email
  7. Adhere to YMCA policies and procedures, including those related to medical and disciplinary situations, child abuse prevention and emergencies
  1. Knowledge and experience about coaching techniques and the ability to effectively convey them to youth athletes
  2. Ability to develop/manage the program within the established commitment of the YMCA’s mission impact
  3. Ability to relate effectively to diverse groups of people from all social and economic segments
    of the community
  4. Must be at least 18 years old
  1. Complete Online Concussion Training
  2. Watch Ohio’s Lindsay’s Law Sudden Cardiac Arrest Online Video
  3. Complete Online Child Abuse Prevention Training


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