What precautions should I take before entering the Y?

All staff, members, and vendors should review our five health screening questions prior to entering the facility. If you answer yes to any of these questions, you should not come to the Y that day. All staff will have their temperatures taken upon entry and we ask our members to do the same before they leave home. If you have a fever of 100.4 or higher, please stay home.

What if a member is not compliant with the new policies and protocols in place in each stage?

The member will be asked to immediately leave the facility.

What amenities will be available when you open?

Our amenities are limited to our wellness centers which include cardio, free weight, and selectorized strength equipment. These spaces have significant restrictions based on capacity and social distancing. Please be aware that some of your favorite equipment may be blocked off or not available at this time as pieces have been spaced or removed to maintain appropriate social distancing. Beginning June 8, we will be opening up our indoor pools. The pools and gymnasiums will be available for families on a reserved basis. 

Will the pool be open? Will outdoor pools open?

Our indoor pools will be opening June 8. Lap swimming will be available on a limited and first come first serve basis. A deckmate will be there to assist in accommodating members in the order of their arrival. We remain hopeful to be able to offer our outdoor pools to you. Please be patient as we continue to work through these details.

If showers and locker rooms are closed where am I supposed to change?

Please come in your suit, ready to swim. There will be sections/ bins on the pool deck for you to keep your belongings, clothes, and towel. These spaces will be disinfected between each use. Once you’re finished swimming, you will be able to dry off on the deck, and put your street clothes on there. Limited benches and seating will be available.

Why are your hours shorter? When will all your branches open? Will all amenities be available when the facility reopens? When can we expect all amenities to be available?

The limited hours, amenity offerings, and branch operations are allowing us to open our facilities in a safe and measured way. As we build confidence in enforcing compliance with all COVID-19 preventative measures, these hours and offerings will expand. Beginning June 8, the Central Y will be open and we are expanding our facility hours. 

If my facility is still closed, may I remain on hold?

Please reach out to the membership department at your home branch to discuss any needed changes to your membership. The Central Y will be opening on June 8.

Will there be a cap on allowed capacity? How will you monitor capacity limits?

We are limiting the number of individuals allowed into the building to the number of available pieces of equipment in Wellness Centers and the number of people we can accommodate in the pool, group exercise classes, and family time. Please be courteous when using machines so that everyone has an ample amount of time to use the equipment and facility. Members are asked to limit time on equipment to 45 minutes and a total of 90 minutes in the facility. Our membership software will monitor capacity in each facility. We ask that you not only check in but also check out as you exit the facility.

Will gyms be open for basketball?

Gymnasiums will only be available during Family Time for members of the same household to play together. Where is the coffee? Coffee service is suspended at this time.

Why don’t you have towel service?

We have suspended towel service to assist in preventing the transmission of COVID-19 through soiled towels. Any fees on your account will be on hold.

Can I still purchase water from the welcome center? Will water fountains be available?

Please bring your own water bottle as water fountains will be closed. Only no- touch bottle filling stations will be available. Water can be purchased at the Welcome Center desk with a charge on your account as we are limiting cash transactions. Vending machines are also available in some facilities.

When will programming such as group exercise, sports, and swim lessons start again?

The Y’s reopening plan is being implemented in a staged way. We do not yet have a date as to when programs will begin, but we are looking forward to it as much as you are! Please check out our virtual options HERE. Beginning June 8, limited land and water exercise classes will be available at all membership branches.

Will the class sizes be smaller due to spacing concerns? Will the schedule be the same as before?

Yes- class sizes will be limited to the number of individuals that we can accommodate in the room while meeting social distancing requirements. To accommodate traffic patterns and have time to disinfect a room, the class schedules will be limited and will likely not be the same as before this pandemic.

Will we be offering classes that have specialized equipment?

Some equipment will not be available at this time.

Will I need to bring my own mat for exercise classes?

It is highly recommended that you bring your own mat for classes.

Will Child Watch be open?

While we miss having your kids in Child Watch, this service will not be available at this time. Any fees on your account will be on hold until Child Watch is open. 

Is there a restriction on who is allowed into the facility? When can children come into the facility?

We are restricting facility access to individuals 16 and over at this time and providing limited hours including time for families, seniors and immunosuppressed individuals. We are continuing reciprocity for members of the Ashtabula and Greater Cleveland YMCAs. Guest passes and Nationwide Membership access has been suspended. These steps are being taken to ensure that our members are able to use the facility during this restrictive time. As we are able to open additional amenities within the facilities, we will loosen these restrictions. During Family Time, youth 15-years old and younger may be in the gymnasium and pool and must be directly supervised by a parent or guardian at all times.

What will happen if the building is at capacity?

We will ask members to wait in line at a socially distant 6 feet and will grant access in order of arrival as space becomes available

How has the YMCA prepared their facilities for social distancing? Will I be required to social distance at all times? Will the treadmills and other equipment be spaced 6 feet apart?

We are implementing one-way indoor traffic patterns where feasible and placing markers on the ground and signage to remind everyone to follow social distancing measures. We will be enforcing a 6-foot social distance at all times.

Will YMCA staff be on hand to sanitize machines and weight equipment between each use? 

While we will have staff on hand to disinfect equipment, we ask that you use the provided cleaning supplies to clean the equipment before and after each use.

Will we be required to wear a mask? If so, do we have to wear one while working out or just in and out of the facility?

Members are strongly encouraged to wear a mask or face covering the entire time they are in the facility- especially while entering the facility, and walking through hallways. In accordance with CDC guidelines, it is not recommended that an individual wear a mask while in the pool. Our staff will be required to wear masks or face coverings in accordance with the Ohio Department of Health guidelines. Please be aware that the ODH guidelines allow for some exemptions and you may see a staff member without a mask.

How often are you cleaning surfaces and bathrooms?

All high-touch surfaces, doors, railings, and fitness equipment will be cleaned throughout the day, as well as before opening and after closing.

Will temperature checks be required prior to entry?

All staff will have their temperatures taken upon entry and we ask our members to do the same before they leave home. If you have a fever of 100.4 or higher, please stay home.

If the Y finds out a member or staff contracted the virus, will people be alerted if they were in the facility?

We will connect with the Lake County General Health District and follow the guidance that they provide, as well as assist with any contact tracing. 

Will hand sanitizer be available in every area of the facility or should I bring my own?

All staff, members, and vendors will be asked to wash or sanitize their hands upon entry and exit. There are additional sanitizing stations throughout the facility. Please use these stations regularly and let a staff member know if they are getting low.

Who did you consult as you planned your reopening?

To ensure all decisions are informed by the most up-to-date and relevant public health information, the Y has commissioned a COVID-19 Task Force composed of board members and community volunteers including a doctor from the Cleveland Clinic and a staff member from the Lake County General Health District. This team has provided guidance, unbiased perspectives, and critical thinking as the Y implements the outlined reopening plan. The plan also relies on guidance from the CDC, Governor’s orders, the Lake County General Health District, and the Y’s confidence in enforcing compliance with all COVID-19 preventative measures.


Will you have family only time in the buildings?

Beginning June 8, families will be able to reserve a spot in the pool or the gymnasium for members of the same household to play together. Family Time is Monday-Friday 6-8 pm and Saturday 12-2 pm.

What do I need to know before I arrive?

It is best to reserve time before coming to the Y. Without a reservation, we cannot guarantee you a space will be available. Please come ready to swim or play as no locker room access is available to change. Restrooms remain available. Please enter the pool/ gym area no more than 5 minutes prior to reserved time. If you arrive more than 10 minutes past your reservation start time, it will be forfeited and assigned to anyone waiting.

Do I need to bring anything with me?

For pool time please bring towels, life jackets, toys, and pool noodles. For gymnasium play please bring your own balls, toys, or other equipment needed. These items will not be available for loan. 

How will we reserve time?

Family Time will be set up in our membership software. You will be able to register for these the same way you register for a program. These reservations can be made up to 48 hours in advance.

How long will I have?

Each session is 45 minutes. You may be approved to stay longer if no one is waiting or the next space is not reserved.

What if we drop in without a reservation?

If an area is available, we will do our best to accommodate you. However, if all areas are full or reserved, then members may choose to wait or sign up for a different time that is available.