East End YMCA

East End Policies

General Policies

  • Youth are not permitted in the facility past 8:30 pm Monday-Thursday and past 9:00 pm on Friday unless participating in an activity with a parent.
  • All personal belongings are to be placed in lockers in the appropriate locker room areas. Please use a lock. The Y is not responsible for lost or stolen items.
  • Abuse to the facility or equipment is prohibited.
  • The Y has the right to revoke membership upon infraction of Y procedures.

Guidelines for Youth at the Y

  • Youth under 12 need to be accompanied by a parent unless they are participating in a YMCA program or scheduled open activities.
  • Youth under 6 need a parent/guardian to stay on site even when they are participating in YMCA programs unless otherwise stated. Example: Licensed Child Care.

Youth Fitness Policy

  • Ages 8-11: Youth may use “Kid Approved” fitness equipment if they meet the 4’8” height requirement, have taken the wellness orientation with a parent/guardian and their parent/guardian is working out or standing beside them at all times. “Kid Approved” fitness equipment will be marked with a sticker and includes bikes, ellipticals,recumbent bikes, rowing machines, Octane machines and Nu-Step machines.
  • Ages 12-15: Must complete the Teen Fitness class at their branch then they may use any fitness equipment on their own.
  • The Healthy Living Director and Executive Directors reserve the right to determine      equipment competency and limitations at any time to ensure the safety of participants and member service.
  • The Y has the right to revoke membership upon infraction of Y procedures.


Youth who are not members through age 15 must be with a parent or adult to purchase a guest pass.  Exceptions may be made during non-busy times.  Youth who are not members may come in and purchase a guest pass up to 3 times per calendar year.


The Y is based on Christian ideals, values and behavior.  Improper conduct is subject to review and suspension of privileges including, but not limited to: 1) fighting or instigating a fight, 2) theft, 3) swearing, 4) threatening a staff member, 5) loaning membership card to someone who is not a member, 6) vandalism, and 7) drugs and/or alcohol possession.  Length of suspension will be determined by the Executive Director after a meeting with suspended member and parent.

YOUTH CENTER    Ages 6 and Older

This room is an activity area for children to hang out.  Children under the age of 12 must have a parent in the building.
The Youth Center is closed for Y programs 3:30-6pm Monday through Friday. Youth must be picked up by 8:30pm Monday through Thursday and 9pm Fridays.

Youth Swim Policy

  • Ages 6 and Under: Must have an adult present
  • Ages 7-12: Must have passed deep water test to swim without an adult present
  • Ages 13 and up: No adult required to swim

Deep water tests are offered the first 5 minutes of every open swim.  Once the deep water test has been passed stop at the Welcome Center before entering the pool area to get a wristband.  A wristband is required to swim in the deep water.