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Hello Families,

My name is Kelly Poese and I am the year round Summer Camp Director at Camp Fitch YMCA, writing today to let you know that there will be some changes in 2019 for campers who have attended Lake County week at Fitch.

Camp Fitch YMCA has enjoyed a long and fruitful partnership with the Lake County YMCA, and the cornerstone of that partnership has been to dedicate a week of our summer camp season exclusively to campers from Lake County. Historically, the Lake County YMCA provided significant staffing resources for the week who brought dynamic program ideas and great leadership. For the past several years, camper enrollment in this Lake County Week has been steadily declining, while enrollment in the rest of our summer sessions has grown to capacity. One of the reasons for the enrollment decline in the Lake County Week is timing: the Lake County Week is early in the summer and in the past several years Ohio Schools have lacked consistency in their dismissal which leads to conflict with Lake County Week for many families.

One of the important attributes that makes a week of summer camp at Fitch so exciting is size: a bigger group allows us to create more energy and enthusiasm, as well as offer more activity choices. Additionally with the continuing reality that today’s college-aged people are under pressure to work steady jobs and the fact that many high-schools are still in session during the Lake County Week, it has been increasingly difficult to attract the volunteer staff that enabled the Lake County Week offering for its decades-long run.

In light of these difficulties, and in an attempt to increase the quality of the experience for Lake County Week campers, we have decided to end the Lake County Week collaboration as it has been executed in the past, a painful conclusion that the administration of Lake County YMCA and Camp Fitch arrived at together. We have made this change because we think that we can serve your kids more effectively with dates that accommodate more families using the strength of Camp Fitch’s year-round emphasis on summer camp and the critical mass of larger sessions with more activity choices.

Specifically, we are extending a warm welcome to your children to enroll in Session One (June 9-15) of our 2019 summer season. We are committed to a continued Fitch experience for your kids and the friends they’ve made coming to the Lake County Week. We also hope to involve key staff members from the Lake County Week to volunteer that week as they have before. If your camper attended in 2018 or 2017, you will be eligible for the deeply discounted rate for Session One from which Lake County families have benefitted in the past: $500 for Lake County and YMCA members and $550 for non-members.

I doubt that your campers will detect any negative differences between their previous Fitch experiences and any session in 2019. The structure, schedule, and nearly all of the traditions of the past several years of the Lake County Week are mirrored in the rest of our summer sessions.

In an attempt to keep the Lake County Week kids together, we are steering former Lake County Week campers to Session One. Registration for Summer 2019 is open right now and can be accessed by logging in to your CampInTouch account. Use your email address as your login and choose “retrieve/set password” if you can’t remember yours from last year.

If Session One dates don’t work for your family, please reach out to me and we’ll find a solution together. If your camper is interested in pursuing a leadership track at Fitch, Counselor in Training experiences are available throughout the summer. Additionally, anyone 17 years or older is eligible for employment this summer at Fitch!

Please let me know what questions I can answer for you. I'd love to learn more about your child and your goals for next summer.

Talk again soon!
Kelly Poese
Summer Camp Director
Camp Fitch YMCA